The Collection

Collection 10 cover

The Collection comprises original photographic works by Australian photographers. These works are selected by competition on an annual basis as representing the best of Australian photography. The Collection Book was published each year until 2005 documenting the photographs, and all the works are archived professionally to provide a unique, valuable resource and permanent record of Australian professional photography over the years.

The Collection was instigated as a way of showcasing the best Australian Contemporary photography produced by working professionals.

It aims to reach the widest possible audience. These include commissioners of photography such as designers and art directors, enthusiasts and amateurs, students, collectors and galleries, bureaucrats and politicians and most importantly, the public at large. It further hopes to extend the audience overseas and to raise the profile of Australian photographers internationally.

By raising the profile of photographers we hope to gain advantages that include a better understanding of the photographers' skill and creativity, a greater level of professional respect for the industry, better acceptance of photography as an art form and particularly for the work of professionals. The Collection also helps to draw attention to other important issues such as copyright sales tax and other government legislation that affects photographers.

Very importantly The Collection helps the photographers themselves to value their own profession and have a wider appreciation of their fellow colleagues in the business. It also gives them an important vehicle for their own work and an opportunity to gain wider exposure and increase their own status.

Lastly, The Collection provides a focus for us, the photographers. Something to bring everybody together right around Australia and an excuse to celebrate the one thing we all have in common: great Australian photography.

The 10 books of the Fuji ACMP Australian Photographers Collection represent an invaluable resource for buyers of photographs, collectors and students of photography. Each photograph is catalogued in the directory/index, providing photographer's contact details, date and location of shoot, client, printer, photo representative/agent, and the equipment used.