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    Tools of the Trade - iTools - Chris Benny

    28 February, 2011

    Sydney photographer Chris Benny shares one of his Tools of the "Trade"Currently 95% of my work is on location and there are two gadgets I wouldn't leave the studio without.The first is my iPhone and an application called Sun Seeker. I probably use this application about twice a week. It uses your iPhones camera, GPS and magnetometer to work out solar position, path and your current location... Ehh...Make sense? Simply point your iPhones camera at your subject and the sun's path and current location is overlaid on the screen.

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  • WildCadfront3quarter

    "On Assignment" Rob Anderson, Shooting a "WildCad" - Rob Anderson

    18 February, 2011

    My client gave me the telephone number of Mario Condillilio, the creator of "WildCad", a custom 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. Its amazing appearance is due to the five different colours of unique PPG Vibrance range fadeaway paint in a job that Mario estimates costs AU$200,000 alone.

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