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    Social Media for Photographers, One Photographer's Approach - Gemma Carr

    29 July, 2010

    *How critical is social media/marketing to your photography business*? Photographers are busy people. So too are our clients. More so than ever before we have an abundance of information available to us at the click of a mouse. It's always evolving; full of opportunity and at times, a little overwhelming. As you can see, the modern day photographer is a busy one indeed. Running a successful ph

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    "On Assignment" shooting an inspiring woman with Gavin Blue - Gavin Blue

    17 July, 2010

    I love the variety of subjects I get to shoot on editorial stories. A recent shoot was for the Women's Weekly, for images to include in an article written by Erin O'Dwyer. The story was about Muslim women wearing the Burqa and how European countries have been debating the banning of the Burqua.

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  • VincentBlog1

    "On Assignment" shooting a personal project with Vincent Long - Vincent Long

    13 July, 2010

    My "Red Balloon Project", a collection of portraits of Australian fiction authors has been three years in the making and will culminate in an exhibition at the Byron Bay writers Festival on August 6. This is a "love job" that is only possible when time and "spare cash" permit. and as neither of these are ever in ready supply it has meant .. As the deadline looms I am in a minor panic to about my

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