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    Tools of the Trade - Zen meets folio - Gavin Blue, ACMP President

    22 May, 2010

    The next edition of the ACMP's Tools of the Trade blog series explores another way of file delivery. Gavin Blue explains.....

    The methods of delivering files to clients has changed alot over the years.

    Like most photographers, my shoots usually involve Shooting, editing, basic processing, uploading a web gallery to allow client to make selections, creating masterfiles of selections and then delivery by FTP and/or DVD.

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  • Adrian2

    On Assignment - Adrian Lander on the Living Edge - Adrian Lander

    20 May, 2010

    The next in our ACMP series "On Assignment" finds Adrian Lander talking about his recent dream brief.......

    I had the great pleasure to work on this campaign for Living Edge Furniture last year through a great little environmentally aware agency Republic of Everyone.

    The shot was a dream brief for me as it had a very heavy conceptual still life 'bent' which involved more than a few sleepless nights.


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  • VincentLong1080486

    On Assignment - Somewhere in the Americas - Vincent Long

    05 May, 2010

    Welcome to the first in a regular series of blog entries called "On Assignment". ACMP Members have very interesting and varied shoots and some have offered to share while "On Assignment". Brisbane based Vincent Long writes from somewhere in the Americas...

    "When i first set out on this assignment over a month ago I had a very very blank page and as with the writing of this blog, it overwhelmed me. In brief, I am contracted by my client to document 8 different historical locations in about 5-6 week period.

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