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    ACMP Floortalks Melbourne - ACMP

    26 March, 2010

    Photographers Mauro Risch and Michael Kai have had very interesting careers. Successful in their own countries,they both chose to relocate to Australia.

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  • ACMPVimeo

    ACMP TV on Vimeo and You Tube - ACMP

    24 March, 2010

    The ACMP has been building a video library as a valuable resource for its members. The library consists of seminars, as well as the growing series of mini documentaries, the ACMP Photographer Diaries.

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  • blogInternets

    Test Expiry Emails Sent To Members By Mistake - ACMP

    16 March, 2010

    As you may know we are still testing the site and all it's features including automatic emails for when your memberships are about to expire.

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  • canonnikon

    Canon vs. Nikon - Lisa Saad

    12 March, 2010

    Canon vs. Nikon - which one? It's a common question that comes up when consumers are comparing digital SLR cameras.

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  • acmpHOMEcompcropped

    ACMP - new website is in test mode - ACMP

    10 March, 2010

    Welcome to the new ACMP website. This is a new and exciting time for all of us here at ACMP. The new site is in the content population stage please bear with us as we populate all the pages over the next few days. Emails will be sent out to all members of the weekend with details on how to upload your folio images, add information about who you are and also post blogs and enjoy the members area

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